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As you know, a big role in the development of a YouTube channel is played not only by subscribers and views (services), but also by likes on videos. A like is an expression of the user’s sympathy for what they saw. In our case, this is a video clip. So what do YouTube likes do for channels and videos?

  • First, it is live activity, which helps to speed up the output of videos in the top search of YouTube and Google. This way, search engines can see that Your video is popular with viewers and it is relevant to their queries. In other words, users find something useful and interesting in Your video;
  • Likes, as we said earlier – an indicator of the level of sympathy for Your publications. The more likes you collect, the more trust you will arouse from the audience viewing the video for the first time;
  • In some cases, likes can act as ads. If a user has a “Favorite videos” playlist open, then when they like Your video, it is automatically displayed on their page. Accordingly, subscribers of this user will also be able to view Your video;
  • Among other things, you can use likes to gain user loyalty to Your channel and its content. In other words, the “crowd effect” is triggered: if a large number of users liked this video, then it is probably really good. And the next user who views Your video will probably also like it.

Thus, it should be concluded that the more likes you can get on a video, the sooner it will rise in the top. How to add for free, as well buy Youtube Likes, we will tell you in this article.

How to get a lot of likes on YouTube for free

Now let’s go directly to the question that concerns many users who read this material: how do I get likes on my channel for free? Let’s look at several ways:

  • The first, most basic and well-known method, but no less effective, is to create good videos. And we put a lot of nuances into this concept: creating interesting content that allows people to learn something new and interesting, observing all the rules set by the social network itself, as well as generally accepted laws, and other aspects. We will not dwell on this point in detail, because every user, before starting to publish videos EN masse on YouTube, has repeatedly read it in various sources;
  • You can cheat a little and use free sites to add likes to videos, but this method is ineffective, and most importantly – not safe. In most cases, all free exchanges require access to Your account and force spam from it, which can lead You to ban both individual videos and the channel as a whole;
  • Post your videos on all available platforms. This can include various communities, forums, blogs, and Your accounts in other social networks. This method will increase not only the number of likes under Your videos, but also the number of views and, possibly, subscribers to the channel (you can increase the number of live subscribers on the YouTube channel using our service);
  • Don’t forget about such a thing as a simple request. Ask your friends and acquaintances to like the video when viewing it;
  • Also encourage everyone who watches Your video to put a like directly in the video. It can be as simple as an uncomplicated call: “Don’t forget to like this video!» So is an attempt to interest the public and conduct an analysis: “If this video gets 500 likes, I will continue to release videos in this format!”

These are the best tips you can use to get more approval from Your audience. But there is a simpler and less difficult way – just buy YouTube likes.

How not to get a lot of dislikes

We talked about how you can earn a lot of likes on YouTube videos. But in addition to this remarkable indicator, the social network has another, but less attractive, counterpart – dislike. A large number of dislikes can seriously ruin the life of any youtuber, since the system can recognize such a video as not relevant or contrary to the rules of the network. Therefore, you should figure out how not to get a lot of dislikes on YouTube videos:

  • Of course, the most important advice is to shoot interesting videos aimed at a specific audience. For example, if you are interested in knitting, you need to understand that you will be watched by people with the same hobby. It is unlikely that they will be interested in a video of How you spend an ordinary day or review Your apartment (unless you are a popular star, who also knits). Show the public mostly only what has not been shown anywhere else, something new. Keep in mind that all repeated videos are considered plagiarism, which can cause not only a large number of dislikes, but also block this video;
  • Shooting without a tripod. If the video is constantly twitching, no one will like it. Therefore, try to place the camera on a stable surface, even if you are shooting from your phone;
  • Poor-quality installation. This is almost the main point when creating a video. Try to read some of the materials on video gluing and editing, so That you do not get ridiculous cuts;
  • Bad sound. The audience should clearly hear what You are saying, but the sound should not be too harsh. Set up your microphone correctly by constantly making test recordings;
  • Green background. Everyone likes it when a blogger is shot against an interesting background, such as a destroyed building from “the Avengers” or something like that. To do this, use a green background, then when editing the video, it is replaced with the desired image. But how bad does a person look in a frame with poor and low-quality cropping: the background looks through the character’s clothes, then in some places a white frame appears. If you are not a professional installer, do not use a green background. In the end it will look stupid;
  • Competitors. Sometimes it happens That your competitors or spiteful people can pretty much ruin Your life, deliberately leaving dislikes under the video. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it. Try simply contacting this user and find out what the reason for their resentment is;
  • Trolls. One does not kill the cause of her parents told me. Unfortunately, the Internet is a place where people feel safe and just for fun do nasty things to other users. There is also no hiding from this, but any manifestation of this attitude can serve as a bell that there is still something to find fault with in Your videos. Try to correct these points.

These tips will help you reduce the number of dislikes under your videos, but you will not be able to get rid of them completely. However, you can buy likes on YouTube on the same site page and outnumber negative reviews.

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